Proxies for Social Listening

With Froxy you can easily discover and monitor amounts of reviews, comments or any other type of activities related to your brand. It is essential nowadays to hear voices, how people react to your events, at any stage of your pipeline. According to this competitive data you can get insights on how to plan your ongoing brand and marketing strategy.


Mobile and Residential Proxies for social listening

Anonymous Every IP address is genuine, white-listed and from trusted and verified Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ensuring you can stay 100% anonymous.
Global Coverage Access residential and mobile proxies in any region, country, city and network provider around the world. Unrivalled coverage guaranteed.
Unlimited With over 8.5 million proxies, you can work with hundreds simultaneous connections all over the world.
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Proxies for Social Listening

Social listening gives you a 100% accurate information regarding your activities impact. Be hands on your brand voice using our proxy services. Be one-step-ahead of your competition and bring right decisions – that's what our residential and mobile proxies deliver

Collect and analyse everything you need, quickly and easily. Whether you’ve got eCommerce sites around the world, or millions of adverts running, know what’s going on around the world with IP proxy services from Froxy.

Build locally, launch globally

Global proxy IP coverage

Where do you need to collect data from? With Froxy, you can get the coverage you need, from anywhere in the world, across hundreds of networks as ISPs, with an easy-to-use filter system.

Collect secure reliable data from IP addresses in numerous countries, regions, cities and providers, with everything in one dashboard.


What our customers say

Adam Pearce
Adam Pearce @apearce

We had all sorts of problems around motivation and productivity from our smallest scrums to our largest teams. Froxy helped us rise above all and conquer.

James Hillier
James Hillier @j_hillier

It's hard to overstate how useful Froxy has been to our business. Kudos to the team - I'm speechless.

Christopher C
Christopher C @chris_c

I knew from the moment I saw it that this was the proxy provider for our business. So much flexibility and variety. I've been having a blast creating our business's web scraper!

Karina Ho
Karina Ho @karina_h

Using Froxy made it easy to experiment with different scraping tools and data gathering combinations.

Sally Robson
Sally Robson @s_robson1

Product support comes first when we are considering a new service. Do yourself a favour and choose Froxy, we have found the support to be second to none.

Debra D
Debra D @debd

I was already in love with the product, but the after-sales support was what sealed the deal for me!

Sam Kent
Sam Kent @skent

When I saw how easy it was to set up and launch the scraper I was sold. Froxy has everything we needed and more to create a secure and reliable crawler for our client.

Clara Walsh
Clara Walsh @c_walsh

We've been using Froxy to quickly build scrapers for clients, then customising via operations guide. It's SOOOOOO easy.

With every plan, we include the following as standard

Global coverage Get proxies you need in any location, from wherever you are in the world
Unlimited sessions Benefit from working with hundreds of proxies simultaneously
99.99% Uptime We don't like to let you down, ever. Get continuous access, thanks to rotation technology
Fast Customer Support If you do need help, our team can be contacted on Live Chat and Email
Froxy Dashboard Manage your proxies easily, and apply geo filters at the right time, from anywhere in the world
Completely compatible Our solution is compatible with a wide range of tools, including numerous SEO services
Payment options

Payment Options for Customers

For payments, we currently accept credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and PayPal.

Knowing how smoothly you can get information about your activities makes a big difference. Whether you are a marketer, social media professional, or business owners, you need confidence in your review gathering process. One of the best ways to test this is to register a new account with a proxy.

With a pool of 8.5 million rotational and secure mobile and residential proxies, you can use proxy to discover what impact had your actions had on your business and what is people's attitude to it. This can be done on your own or competitor websites, or social networks. Use our network of proxies to social listening, quickly and easily.

Get a trial for $1.99

We know that configuring everything to specific needs can take time. We want to ensure you are completely happy with the Froxy solution, before you start using it on a regular basis. That’s why we are a happy to offer a trial period for 3 days for $1.99. If you need to extend this, let us know; our support team will be happy to help.

Paying for social listening proxy services is easy. We accept payments including PayPal and credit or debit cards.

Residential and Mobile proxies for registering accounts

We offer over 8.5 million residential and mobile proxies to be used for registering proxies around the world.

Froxy ensures you can register an account on any websites, from any IP address of smartphones connected to 3G/4G/LTE networks. We also ensure you can do the same from any residential Internet connection, therefore enabling you to collect data from countries, regions and cities across the world. We are also pleased to say that data center proxies will be coming soon.

Dashboard to make proxy registration easy

Soon as you’ve signed-up to a trial, you can access the entire proxy pool, and dashboard to configure everything. For experienced IT professionals, it takes only a matter of minutes to get used to our dashboard.

With our precision geo-targeting features, you can pinpoint the following:

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • State
  • Residential area within cities and towns
  • Mobile and broadband/Wi-Fi operators

Change these easily and quickly, whenever you need to gather data from new locations. We also ensure your IP address is protected, and with the dashboard you can automatically rotate it as often as required.