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Service Level Agreement

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1. General provisions

1.1. The Froxy provides Clients with an Access to the Froxy web-site, to The Dashboard upon successful passing of registration process, Support service available to the Clients through the Dashboard.

1.2. The Froxy Support Team provides support to existing Clients (hereinafter referred to as Clients) as well as Visitors who are not Clients (hereinafter referred to as Visitors).

1.3. As part of the support of Clients and Visitors, the appeals defined by these Agreement are resolved.

1.4. The Support Team does not provide services for setting up third-party software and is not responsible for consulting services related to establishing interaction between the Service and third-party software.

1.5. Support for Clients and Visitors can be provided through chat communication on the Service website, as well as via email. When processing requests sent by email, as well as in the case of responses from the Support Team via email, the Service is not responsible for the performance of the mail services of Clients and Visitors. Clients and Visitors are solely responsible for the regularity and timeliness of checking their email box.

1.6. If the Client or the User does not have additional questions on the processed appeal, as well as if the required information is not received to resolve the appeal from the Client or the User within 12 hours, the appeal is considered processed, completed and closed in full.

1.7. The response time should be understood as the estimated time from the moment the Support Agent's initial response until the moment the response to the received request is received, regardless of the possibility of resolving the issue.

1.8. Guaranteed System availability by the Froxy is not less than 99% of 24/7/365, except for the Planned Technical Maintenance. Everytime when Technical Maintenance is planned, Clients will be notified via email or any other available way according to its availability.

1.9. The Froxy have no responsibility to the Internet connection quality and speed due to limitations and capacity of the Third Party Internet Service Providers.

1.10. The Froxy doesn’t guarantee IP availability for targeting below Country level. Any additional customization options – are at sole responsibility of The Customer. The Froxy does guarantee IP availability for targeting only at Country level.

The Froxy’s own GeoIP location database does not provide correct work of Third Party GeoIP location databases in discovering the IP location and connection type.

1.11. The System provides the Customer only with restricted amount of Ports available:

  • 80 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) used in the World Wide Web
  • 443 HTTP Secure (HTTPS) HTTP over TLS/SSL

1.12. The amount of Open Connections Per Port is limited and depends on Customers Bundle Configuration, please check it before purchasing the Bundle. The Customer Bundle will be blocked by the System automatically if the Amount of Connections Per Port performed by Clients Software will be reached.

2. Classification of requests

In terms of response time, requests are classified as follows:

2.1. Appeals of existing Clients and Visitors who are not Clients.

2.1.1. High priority calls.

Issues under consideration:

  • inability to pay for the service;
  • unavailability of payment methods;
  • problems with an access to the Dashboard/website;
  • a problem with the accrual of funds to the Balance within 20 minutes from the moment of payment.

The maximum response time is no more than 10 minutes.

2.1.2. Medium priority calls.

Issues under consideration:

  • lack of connection to the proxy;
  • there is no connection to the required location;
  • questions about debiting funds for an active subscription;
  • refunds;
  • payments under the Referral program;
  • questions about the compatibility of third-party software of the Client with a proxy;
  • general questions on payment information.

The maximum response time is no more than 30 minutes.

2.1.3. Low priority calls.

Issues under consideration:

  • general questions on the mechanics of the Service;
  • general questions on proxy technology;
  • questions about the mechanics of trials/subscription model;
  • questions about the mechanics of addons;
  • questions about connecting a proxy.

The maximum response time is no more than 20 minutes.

2.2. Advice on general issues.

This type of appeals includes all others not provided for in clause 2.1. appeals requiring advice on general issues.

The maximum response time is no more than 6 hours.

2.3. Support requests are processed in the order in which they are received, as well as according to the degree of priority specified in clause 2.1.

Out of turn, requests with a high level of criticality may be processed, requiring emergency intervention or consultation of specialists from the relevant specialists of the Service.

The response time may depend on the degree of priority of the request, the complexity of the problem being solved and the need to transfer the issue to the relevant specialists of the Service.

2.4. The support team cannot guarantee the time to solve the problem, because various factors can influence the time to solve the problem, for example, the timeliness of the Client's response, the need to find the cause of the problem, prepare and fix the Service or maintain servers, etc.

The response time is determined by the total workload of the Support Team and may be less than the deadlines stated in the Agreement. In some cases, issues can be resolved almost immediately upon receipt of questions or additional information from customers. The reaction of Support Agents to the receipt of additional information may be longer, but not more than the maximum response time and problem resolution specified for this type of appeal.

3. The procedure for processing requests

3.1. Appeals can be addressed via chat on the site, as well as by email, to the corresponding email address of the Service indicated on the site.

3.2. Applications by e-mail may be processed with a delay, because, first of all, requests from the chat are processed.

3.3. The answer to standard, frequently asked questions can be given in the form of links to the corresponding page of the Knowledge Base, the page of the Service website or other websites containing the answer to the request.

3.4. If, in order to resolve the situation, it is required to obtain certain data from the Client or the User (screenshots of the Dashboard settings or the software used, confirmation of the legality of access to the payment method, etc.), the Support Agent may request such data from the Client or the User. If the provision of such data is impossible due to the refusal of the Client or User, the Support Team has the right to refuse to provide support services to the Client or User.

3.5. Resolution of appeal issues may be delayed or even impossible for the following main reasons:

3.5.1. The Client's request does not contain the information necessary to resolve the issue (or in case of refusal to provide such information by the Client or the User)

3.5.2. It is impossible to repeat the described problem on a similar configuration, in a similar browser and with similar actions.

3.5.3. The Client or User cannot provide enough information to solve the problem.

3.5.4. The issue requires a detailed diagnosis, refinement of the existing or creation of a new functionality of the Service.

3.5.5. The Client or the User violates the Terms of Use of the Service and/or other Policies of the Service.

3.5.6. The question is outside the scope of technical support.

3.5.7. The question was asked incorrectly or the discussion of the issue is not constructive, and the solution of the problem is delayed due to the untimely provision of information on the appeal.

3.5.8. The Client or User behaves uncivilized, and/or puts pressure on the Support Agent, and/or uses foul language when communicating with the Support Agent, and/or his actions contain a call to commit illegal actions.

4. Working hours Support team

The Support Team provides support services to Customers and Visitors from 05:00 to 18:00 (UTC) on weekdays (from Monday to Friday inclusive). The resolution of appeals received outside the working hours of the Support Team is postponed to the nearest working time following the moment the appeal was submitted. The expiration of the response time to the appeal begins from the moment the appeal is processed by the Support Agent.

5. Other provisions

5.1. Support Agents are representatives of the Service in matters of communication with Clients and Visitors.

5.2. The personal opinion of Support Agents, expressed in communication with Clients and Visitors, may not reflect the position of the Service regarding any issues.

5.3. In case of detection of facts of inappropriate behavior of Support Agents in the process of resolving a request, Clients and Visitors have the right to send a claim indicating the facts of such behavior to email: info@froxy.com. In case of confirmation of the existence of facts of inappropriate behavior on the part of the Support Team, the Service Administration undertakes to take disciplinary measures against such employees.