Service Level Agreement

Last update:

1. The Service provided to the Customer

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) sets out the performance metrics such as applicable service levels, response times, service windows and availability of the Services.

2. The Service

The Froxy provides You with an Access to the Froxy web-site, to The Customer Dashboard upon successful passing of registration process, Customer Support service available to You through Your Dashboard.

3. The System

There are such limitations as types of connection, GEO, available ports and others, defined in Customers Dashboard in a process of connection to The System.

4. Parameters of Access

Access options can be configured in Customers Dashboard which will impact on the way of using the Service according to the limitations as it was set above.

5. Uptime Limitations

Guaranteed System availability by the Froxy is not less than 99% of 24/7/365, except for the Planned Technical Maintenance. Everytime when Technical Maintenance is planned, Customers will be notified via email or any other available way according to its availability.

6. Support availability

The Froxy provides access to Customer Support on System related queries. You can reach the Froxy Customer Support via Zendesk chat available through your Customer Account or address your question through customer service email:

The Froxy we’ll make the best effort to dedicate time to Your inquiry as fast as possible.

7. Connection Speed

The Froxy have no responsibility to the Internet connection quality and speed due to limitations and capacity of the Third Party Internet Service Providers.

8. Technical Support

The Froxy provides Technical support only for its Services. Any other Customer Side Software is not in direct responsibility of the Froxy and has no Technical support by the Froxy.

9. Traffic targeting

The Froxy doesn’t guarantee IP availability for targeting below Country level. Any additional customization options – are at sole responsibility of The Customer. The Froxy does guarantee IP availability for targeting only at Country level.

The Froxy’s own GeoIP location database does not provide correct work of Third Party GeoIP location databases in discovering the IP location and connection type.

10. Ports available

The System provides the Customer only with restricted amount of Ports available:

  • 80 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) used in the World Wide Web
  • 443 HTTP Secure (HTTPS) HTTP over TLS/SSL

11. Open connections per port

The amount of Open Connections Per Port is limited and depends on Customers Bundle Configuration, please check it before purchasing the Bundle. The Customer Bundle will be blocked by the System automatically if the Amount of Connections Per Port performed by Clients Software will be reached.

12. Third Party web-resources availability

The Froxy hereby does not provide any guarantee of third-party services availability by the Customer Software through the System.