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Looking for whitelisted proxies for your business goals? Froxy is here to provide you the best-in-class proxy services for scraping jobs across various verticals.

Our clients use Froxy proxies to win competition in SMM, SEO, market research and many other cases.

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Best-in-class proxy services

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Collect data anonymously using white-listed pool of IPs at any scale and speed you need.

With Froxy, your business can benefit from over 8.5 million residential and mobile proxy services IPs, all around the world.

Fast, clean, reliable and secure. We offer a highly-rated, and award-winning solutions for individuals, startups, businesses and enterprise customers.

  • Collect data anonymously
  • Fully white-listed
  • Residential & Mobile proxy
  • 200+ Geolocations
What businesses use proxy for

Use cases across industries

Price Monitoring

Gather and monitor valuable pricing data across competition.

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Market Research

Proxies for web scraping markets trends and analytics data.

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Data Scraping
Web Scraping

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SEO Monitoring

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Build locally, launch globally

Global proxy IP coverage

Where do you need to collect data from? With Froxy, you can get the coverage you need, from anywhere in the world, across hundreds of networks as ISPs, with an easy-to-use filter system.

Collect secure reliable data from IP addresses in numerous countries, regions, cities and providers, with everything in one dashboard.

Customers Love Froxy

TrustPilot 4.7 4.7
Ff Fctvt Ff Fctvt
5 Sep 6, 2021

Froxy proxy is really solid.

Froxy proxy is really solid.
The residential proxy service is top level and never fails when I need them. It’s worth mentioning that support has gone above and beyond more times then I can count. I highly recommend this company.

Стас Колесников Стас Колесников
5 Sep 6, 2021

They are awesome!!!!

They are awesome!!!!
Their services are really really great and best prices ever! I swear they're the most generous and kind support team i've ever seen .. I'm more than happy and i wish you luck!!!

Женя Добровольская Женя Добровольская
5 Sep 5, 2021

Reliable proxy…

I have been choosing a reliable proxy provider for a long time. My eyes fell on Froxy and this is the best thing that happened to me! Coverage of more than 200 countries as well as resident and mobile proxies!

Абу Али Мурзакеев Абу Али Мурзакеев
5 Sep 15, 2021

I knew from the moment I saw it that…

I knew from the moment I saw it that this was the proxy provider for our business. So much flexibility and variety. I've been having a blast creating our business's web scraper! Thank you Froxy

Альбина Альбина
5 Sep 6, 2021

Works well

Works well - good uptime and speed. Support answered all the questions we had. A lot of respect for their work and being so open about what they do.
Froxy - I love you! ❤️

Алёна Козлова Алёна Козлова
5 Sep 6, 2021

Huge IP pool

Huge IP pool, so recommended for all the people who need to access and check content from various locations. Speeds are nice too. Froxy is best proxy provider

Common Questions

You can get in touch with our service and test all the features! Every plan includes a trial period, so all you need – is open Pricing section and find all information about terms and conditions of trial!

Residential proxies use IP addresses that providers give to "real" devices – PCs, laptops, etc. From the side of the target services, they have the highest level of trust.

Residential proxies are rotated. IP addresses change if the device is offline.

Mobile proxies use IP addresses which belong to the device connected to the 3G/4G network. They have the maximum degree of trust from the services. Most popular with web resources.

Froxy does not currently provide data-center proxies. But we are working on it!

Proxy is essential when you need to hide your current IP-address and perform an anonymous and safe connection. Collecting data, making purchases or involve into social media activities – proxy will help! You can find more information about using proxy in our Use Case section.

If you haven’t found appropriate plan for you we would be glad to make you a special offer! Please, contact our sales department and we’ll give you an offer you can’t refuse!

Still have questions about Froxy? Get in touch

Simple for newcomers, advanced for PRO

Build meaningful, feature-complete scrapers

Change configurations easily and quickly, whenever you need to gather data from new locations. We also ensure your IP address is protected, using Froxy dashboard you can automatically rotate it as often as required.

  • Fast, reliable and secure
  • Fast scraping, anonymously
  • 8m+ white-listed IPs
  • 200+ geolocations with even more combinations of regions, cities and ISPs