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Upgrade your data arsenal with Froxy, the top scraper and proxy provider. With years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and a stellar reputation, we offer reliable solutions to work with data. Get started
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Pay with Crypto We offer a wide range of payment options, including popular cryptocurrencies. This provides our customers with the flexibility they need to make purchases.
Global Network Froxy's infrastructure covers over 200 countries, demonstrating our exceptional ability to manage data in any market with remarkable ease and efficiency.
Trusted Partner We are thrilled that thousands of users worldwide have chosen us as their proxy provider of top-notch solutions and a trustworthy partner for their projects.
Proxies Solutions When it comes to proxies, we don't play games. As a proxy provider, we offer premium proxy services that deliver results. You stay anonymous and secure with our over 10 million IP address pool. With servers strategically located in over 200 locations, you can easily access content from anywhere. You can rely on Froxy as a top proxy provider and expert.
Residential Proxies Starts at $2.93/gb
200+ Locations
Rotating session
Mobile Proxies Starts at $7/gb
200+ Locations
City-level targeting
Fast Proxies Starts at $2.93/gb
200+ Locations
99,99% Uptime
Web Scraping Solutions Whether you're collecting data for market research or monitoring competitive activity, our scrapers do the heavy lifting for you. You can access the data you need with customizable scraping options such as SERP, e-commerce and social tools, and advanced data extraction techniques. You can buy proxy or go straight to scrapers, including our proxy capabilities.
SERP Scraping Starts at $1.32/1k req.
All Search Engines
Results in JSON or CSV
E-commerce Scraping Starts at $1.32/1k req.
Major Marketplaces
Results in JSON or CSV
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By choosing the best proxy or scraper from Froxy, you can access our global coverage, which includes more than 200 locations. Our pool of over 10 million IP addresses allows you to optimize your data workflow with maximum efficiency like never before.

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