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From $2.93 / Per GB

A unique pool of white IPs. Use proxies with maximum speed, fast connection and convenient filters.

  • Data rollover

  • Automatic rotation

  • More than 200 locations

  • Login/password authorization
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From $2.93 / Per GB

Connect remotely anywhere in the world and access many websites and online resources.

  • Data rollover

  • Rotating IPs

  • City/Provider Targeting

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From $7 / Per GB

Stay anonymous and avoid blocking by working on social networks and other analysis and parsing tools.

  • Data rollover

  • 3G/4G Mobile Proxy Network

  • Without CAPTCHAs and Blocks

  • High Speed
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From $1.32 / per 1000 Requests

Our SERP tool is customizable to meet your specific needs. It allows you to conveniently analyze and collect search results, keywords, backlink profiles, tags, descriptions, etc. from popular search engines.

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From $1.32 / per 1000 Requests

Stay ahead by understanding your competitors' strategies with E-commerce Scraper. This all-in-one tool extracts specifications, pricing, and more from thousands of products with a single scrape.

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Benefits of High-Quality Proxies

Trusted Proxy Network Froxy has created a reliable proxy network that spans the globe.
HTTP and SOCKS Froxy proxies work with both HTTP and SOCKS connections.
High-Speed Proxy Forget about slow connections - only the most powerful proxy with Froxy.
Customer Support Technical support for Froxy customers is provided via online chat or email.
Build locally, launch globally

Global Proxy IP Coverage

Froxy provides proxies with a wide variety of locations. Flexible targeting at the country, region, city, and even individual operator level is provided for customer convenience. Froxy's IP address pool consists of over 8.5 million IPs.

Payment options

We Support All Major Payment Methods

We accept most of the popular payment methods for proxy purchases. You can also buy the best proxy for cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and many others

Simply add your card once at checkout and enjoy your proxy!

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • UnionPay

Lots of payment services & cryptocurrencies

Add funds to your account balance whenever and however you want!

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Coin
  • Tether
  • PayPal
  • Capitalist
  • AliPay
  • Amazon
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Best-in-class proxy services

Why Choose Froxy

Anonymous Proxies

Froxy has created a reliable proxy network of real IP addresses to ensure customer privacy. Thanks to rotation, the connection is always stable and secure.

Take full advantage of Froxy, monitor, analyze trends, collect data from anywhere in the world and stay undetected.

  • Anonymity
  • No blocking
  • White IPs only


All proxy benefits are available to you no matter what package you choose. We guarantee up to 1000 simultaneous connections at high connection speeds.

Select one of more than 200 geolocations to work with, use a pool of 8.5 million IP addresses and develop your project without limitations.

  • 99.99% Up-time
  • Automatic rotation
  • Up to 1000 ports

Froxy Dashboard

Manage your account with Froxy's easy-to-use personal account. Control your traffic usage statistics and manage available packets.

Create your own proxy networks with detailed GEO targeting and upload IP address lists in TXT, CSV, or HTML.

  • Detail statistics
  • Detailed GEO targeting
  • Easy proxy lists

Get started

Getting started with Froxy is easy: sign up and enjoy all the benefits of a proxy.

The Froxy team will help you find the right proxy for your project and get the performance you need.

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What businesses use proxy for

Use cases across industries

Price Monitoring

Gather and monitor valuable pricing data across competitors.

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Market Research

Proxies for web scraping markets trends and analytics data.

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Data Scraping
Web Scraping

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SEO Monitoring

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Customers Love Froxy

4.8 4.8
Mindaugas Jakubauskas Mindaugas Jakubauskas
5 Jan 26, 2023

The best proxies in terms of geolocation

I was in need of proxies that would cover 60 different countries and Froxy were the only provider I've found that didn't miss a single country from my list. Also their customer support was incredibly good - all answers were clear & helpful!

Mahato Mahato
5 Dec 22, 2022

Very Good

I paid for their mobile lite plans and they given 100 MB free trial first before plan start. I checked their ip pool and %95 is clean ip, fast and no any block on internet with their ip. Cheap and good. You should try

Tobby Bobby Tobby Bobby
5 Oct 17, 2022

Best Service

I recommend Froxy!
They are fast, dynamic, and most importantly white proxies!
Easily pass captchas and change geo, as there are no restrictions on geo!
They have "sticky session" option which allows them to work for a long time on 1 ip.

Best support, I'm in shock, I haven't seen such a quality service for a long time.Good luck to the team!)

Camron Bensen Camron Bensen
5 Sep 12, 2022

Worth trying

Recently switched to Froxy and I’m totally satisfied with it. As a SEO expert, I frequently face the need to use proxy and this is where Froxy is really helpful. No troubles connecting/switching between geo locations. The support is also ok - I needed their help once and they handled the issue quite well. If you work with multiple locations and require a quality proxy, Froxy is the solution to try.

Jim Hopper Jim Hopper
5 Aug 10, 2022 is the BEST is the place for residential proxies. Froxy offers a wide diversity of payment methods and packages to purchase. With such low prices, theres no way you can miss it. With a pool of thousands of cities, i had no problem connecting to what i needed. The Froxy support team is exceptional. I 100% recommend Froxy to anyone who comes upon it.

Lera Kolesnikova Lera Kolesnikova
5 Jun 16, 2022

Very high quality proxies

Service at the highest level! A huge selection of countries you want)Mostly I work with addresses of low-strung countries, proxies are really quality. I’ve been taking proxies here for about a year, there’s never been a problem with the connection, the work is stable.
Thanks to them, I got a job, finally. By the way, there is a car payment, uninterrupted work provided.

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