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Fast Proxies

Use an especially fast proxy to work on any projects. Only white IP addresses, stable connection and constant speed monitoring.

Advantages of Fast Residential Proxies

Connection Speed Resident fast proxies provide high connection speed and do not lose stability. With fast response time, you'll forget about downtime.
Clean IP Addresses We carefully select IP addresses for the fast proxies used by our clients. There are only reliable clean IPs in the general pool of addresses.
Data Rollover Don't worry about unused traffic! All Fast Proxy plans allow you to roll over unused traffic to the next month. Get what you pay for.
Build locally, launch globally

Real IPs Worldwide

Fast residential proxies are available to Froxy customers around the world. Our proxy network covers over 200 countries, and targeting allows you to configure proxies down to specific cities and operators.

The IP pool consists of more than 8 million white addresses that allow Froxy customers to avoid blocking.

Why Froxy’s Fast Proxies

Global Coverage With Froxy's fast resident proxies, you have access to over 200 locations and flexible targeting.
No Limits Use a proxy with no limits - any country, any operator, any of 8 million IP addresses.
99.99% Uptime Froxy guarantees stable connection - proxy servers keep working up to 99.99%.
Support Froxy technical support is available to answer all your questions and help with any problem.
Froxy Dashboard Control your fast proxy servers via Froxy's intuitive graphical interface - the Froxy Dashboard.
Full Compatibility Work the way you want - with Froxy proxies you can use all popular tools.

Different Types of Residential Proxies

Fast Proxies

Login/Password AuthorizationData Rollover200+ CountriesFiltersResidential ProxiesNo Sticky SessionsUp to 3600 sec IP Rotation See Pricing

Residential Proxies

Whitelisted IP AuthorizationData Rollover200+ CountriesProxy listResidential ProxiesUp to 20 min Sticky SessionsUp to 3600 sec IP Rotation See Pricing

Our Plans

It's not hard at all to buy fast private proxy: choose the tariff and the desired term of using the proxy. Can't find the right package for you? We'll be happy to make you an individual offer - contact us.

Every plan includes trial: $1.99, 3 Days, 100MB
Fast Mini
$8 / Per GB
  • 1GB Traffic
  • Rollover traffic
  • 1000 Ports
  • 5+ Proxy Filters
  • $8 Per month
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Fast Starter


$7 $5.25 / Per GB

Save 25% till

  • 3GB Traffic
  • Rollover traffic
  • 1000 Ports
  • 5+ Proxy Filters
  • $21 $15.75 Per month
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Fast Basic


$6.43 $4.82 / Per GB

Save 25% till

  • 7GB Traffic
  • Rollover traffic
  • 1000 Ports
  • 5+ Proxy Filters
  • $45 $33.75 Per month
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Fast Plus

Most popular


$5 $3.75 / Per GB

Save 25% till

  • 30GB Traffic
  • Rollover traffic
  • 1000 Ports
  • 10+ Proxy Filters
  • $150 $112.50 Per month
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Fast Pro


$4 $3 / Per GB

Save 25% till

  • 50GB Traffic
  • Rollover traffic
  • 1000 Ports
  • 15+ Proxy Filters
  • $200 $150 Per month
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Fast Ultra


$2.93 $2.20 / Per GB

Save 25% till

  • 1TB Traffic
  • Rollover traffic
  • 1000 Ports
  • 25+ Proxy Filters
  • $3000 $2250 Per month
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Need an offer with a custom price?

Whenever you need a technical consultation or have a specific task, you are free to send your inquiry to our sales team and get your personal offer asap.

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Payment options

Payment Methods for Everyone

We accept Visa, MasterCard and many others

Simply add your card once at checkout and enjoy your proxy!

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • UnionPay

Lots of payment services & cryptocurrencies

Add funds to your account balance whenever and however you want!

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Coin
  • Tether
  • PayPal
  • Capitalist
  • AliPay
  • Amazon
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Use cases

How to Use Fast Proxies?

Monitoring prices, parsing data, analyzing market trends and social media activity - you can use fast residential proxies for any task. If a faster and more stable connection is important to you, then this solution is for you.

Price Monitoring

Gather and monitor valuable pricing data across competitors.

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Market Research

Proxies for web scraping markets trends and analytics data.

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Data Scraping
Web Scraping

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SEO Monitoring

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Froxy Is Trusted Proxy Provider

4.8 4.8


Fast proxies work faster and more stable, the high speed is maintained during the whole period of your activity on the Internet. We monitor the quality of IP addresses and guarantee the absence of blocking.

If you compare high-speed and standard residential proxies, the average connection speed of fast proxies is higher than that of resident proxies according to the test results of the total IP pool. This option will suit more demanding users who need proxies with higher performance.

Of course! Each fast proxy tariff has a free trial: 3 days for $1.99. You can stop using proxy at any time or prolong it by paying the full price of the chosen tariff after the end of the test period.

Fast residential proxies act as intermediaries during your Internet activity. When you enter a request in the browser, the proxy "intercepts" it, replaces the IP address and location, and then sends your request to the destination server. In this way, the user gets a fast connection, preserves his anonymity, and the visited site does not block him.

We support the most popular payment methods, including direct bank card payments, cryptocurrencies, via Alipay and American Express cards through a balance in your personal account.

You can pay with international cards.

Data rollover is available on all fast proxy plans. All unused traffic in the current billing period will roll over to the next billing period when you renew your plan.

If you have not renewed the plan within the allotted time and reactivated a plan that is no longer active, the traffic will not be transferred from previous periods.

If you activate a plan from the trial period, the unused traffic in the trial period will be transferred to the full-time plan.

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