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Every plan includes trial: $1.99, 3 Days, 100MB
Residential Lite
$45 /month

Lite - for newcomers. Ideal to assess your capabilities and test proxy services before shifting to the market.

  • 3GB Traffic
  • 100 Ports
  • 2 IP Whitelisted
  • $15 Per GB
Residential Start

Most popular

$105 /month

Start - for individual users familiar with proxy services who need more traffic to solve their ongoing tasks.

  • 7GB Traffic
  • 300 Ports
  • 4 IP Whitelisted
  • $15 Per GB
Residential Medium
$360 /month

Medium - the best choice for SMEs and small teams. This package covers a balanced amount of traffic and costs for your business needs.

  • 30GB Traffic
  • 400 Ports
  • 6 IP Whitelisted
  • $12 Per GB
Residential Premium
$500 /month

Premium - package for experienced peers. Recommended for high-load projects and scaled concurrent connections.

  • 50GB Traffic
  • 500 Ports
  • 8 IP Whitelisted
  • $10 Per GB
Residential Elite
$700 /month

Elite - provides almost unlimited proxy opportunities for advanced data scrapping tasks using a greater pool of whitelisted IPs.

  • 100GB Traffic
  • 700 Ports
  • 10 IP Whitelisted
  • $7 Per GB
Residential Enterprise
$2000 /month

Enterprise - corporate customer package, providing extensive proxy services and tools at the highest possible performance.

  • 1TB Traffic
  • 1000 Ports
  • 10 IP Whitelisted
  • $1.95 Per GB
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Looking for whitelisted proxies for your business goals? Froxy is here to provide you the best-in-class proxy services for scraping jobs across various verticals.

Our clients use Froxy proxies to win competition in SMM, SEO, market research and many other cases.

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