Use proxies with ParseHub

Learn how to set up residential and mobile proxies for scraping with ParseHub in our instructions.
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  1. Open Parsehub app
  2. Click on "New Project" button ParseHub step 2
  3. Enter website you want to extract data from. As an example we used ParseHub step 3
  4. Pull toggle "Browse" to make it work (it should turn green) ParseHub step 4
  5. Now you need to go to Options ParseHub step 5
  6. Then you go to Advanced tab and click on Settings button ParseHub step 6
  7. In opened window youe need to insert information about server/IP and port you want to connect through. You can get this data from Froxy Dashboard. Click "Ok" button to apply all changes. Now you can close this window ParseHub step 7
  8. After that you should choose what data you want to extract from chosen website. As an example we'll use some text data. After choosing an element (or a whole page) you need to click on "Get Data" button ParseHub step 8
  9. In next window you can run your task in test mode, run it immediately or schedule running your task. Let's see what happen if we run our task immediately ParseHub step 9
  10. After competing your task you'll be able to choose in what format you need to download data. Parsehub offers such formats as CSV/Excel, JSON or get results via API ParseHub step 10
  11. Now you can use Froxy proxies with Parsehub!

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