Use proxies with ScrapeBox

Learn how to set up residential and mobile proxies for scraping with ScrapeBox in our instructions.
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  1. Open Scrapebox app
  2. In Select Harvester and Proxy settings check the "Use Proxies" checkbox and click on "Edit" button Scrapebox step 2
  3. In opened window you need to insert information of proxy you need to use. As far as Froxy offers login/password authorization, you need to insert information in corresponding format: IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASS (for example: All this information you can find in your Froxy Dashboard. After adding proxies you need to apply changes by clicking on Save button Scrapebox step 3
  4. Then you can go to URL's Harvested section and click on "Start Harvesting" button Scrapebox step 4
  5. In opened window you can choose what search engines you'd like to use and check option "User server proxies" as listed on a screenshot Scrapebox step 5
  6. Finally you should click on "Start" button. Harvesting should begin. If you've done everything correctly, you'll be able to see notification "Proxies enabled" Scrapebox step 6
  7. Now you can use Froxy proxies with Scrapebox!

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