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Improve your approach to data parsing with our cutting-edge no-code Google Search Scraper. No more programming time - all settings are available in an intuitive interface.

  • No-code Scraping
  • No Captchas and Blocks
  • Any Countries and Cities
  • 100% Success Rate

Extract Every Component from Google Search Results

Google SERP
Powerful tool to scrape Google search results. Get structured data about site positions, descriptions, links and other information.
Google Maps
Extract data from Google Maps for various business and market analysis purposes: competitors, addresses, contact information, ratings and reviews.
Google Trends
Research trends and popularity of queries in Google Trends. Access keyword categories, interest lists by time and geolocation with our scrape Google SERP tool.
Google Suggest
Google's search suggestion parser is the ability to automatically extract an advanced semantic core and build SEO strategies from it.
Google Images
Collect images and their parameters, links, image anchors, snippets, tag lists, and other data with the Google Images parser.
Google Cache
If you need to know the number of pages in Google's cache and the indexing data of other pages, simply use Google Cache Parsing.
Google Ads
Analyze ads and keywords in Google Ad Scraper. Get data on competitive landscape, impressions, forecasting, and other metrics.
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How Google SERP Parser Works?

The Froxy team understands the importance of speed and accuracy in collecting the data you need. We strive to make Google parsing as convenient and efficient as possible for our customers, which is why it is done in three simple steps:
Select Google Element Type Select the type of Google element you want to parse and analyze. Whether you need search engine results (SERPs), business information on Google Maps, or something else, we have the right tools for you.
Customize Location and Other Search Parameters We give you the flexibility to customize parsing location and other search parameters so you can get results exactly when you need them. Enjoy an automated parsing process with Google SERP Scraper.
Get Your Results Once your Google scraping process is complete, upload your results in any of the available formats: CSV, JSON. You can easily export the data and use it in your systems and projects. See Pricing Plans
Premium Proxy Pool Our proxy pool provides access to over 200 countries worldwide and consists of only white IPs. This is ideal to scrape Google search results.
Worldwide Coverage No matter where your target audience is located, our Google search scraper will give you access to data from the necessary regions.
Scrape Any Data You can scrape and analyze a variety of Google elements, including keywords, images, maps, pages, competitor data, and more.
Try It For Free To test the usability, functionality and scraping features of the Google SERP Scraper, each scraper plan includes free requests.
Pay For Success Results We do not charge for failed scraping attempts or for blocking. You only pay for the scraped datasets you wanted to receive.
Best Performance We offer the necessary captcha-free and blocking-free data collection settings, ensuring maximum scraper efficiency.

Google SERP Scraping Pricing

Try any tariff completely free of charge

Scraper Mini
$4 / per 1000 Requests
  • 5000 Token(s)
  • $0.004 per Request
  • 20 Scrapers
  • $20 Per month
Start Trial
Scraper Starter
$3 / per 1000 Requests
  • 10000 Token(s)
  • $0.003 per Request
  • 20 Scrapers
  • $30 Per month
Start Trial
Scraper Basic
$2 / per 1000 Requests
  • 20000 Token(s)
  • $0.002 per Request
  • 20 Scrapers
  • $40 Per month
Start Trial
Scraper Plus

Most popular

$1.67 / per 1000 Requests
  • 60000 Token(s)
  • $0.0017 per Request
  • 20 Scrapers
  • $100 Per month
Start Trial
Scraper Pro
$1.39 / per 1000 Requests
  • 180000 Token(s)
  • $0.0014 per Request
  • 20 Scrapers
  • $250 Per month
Start Trial
Scraper Ultra
$1.32 / per 1000 Requests
  • 380000 Token(s)
  • $0.0013 per Request
  • 20 Scrapers
  • $500 Per month
Start Trial

Customers Love Froxy

4.8 4.8
Mindaugas Jakubauskas Mindaugas Jakubauskas
5 Jan 26, 2023

The best proxies in terms of geolocation

I was in need of proxies that would cover 60 different countries and Froxy were the only provider I've found that didn't miss a single country from my list. Also their customer support was incredibly good - all answers were clear & helpful!

Mahato Mahato
5 Dec 22, 2022

Very Good

I paid for their mobile lite plans and they given 100 MB free trial first before plan start. I checked their ip pool and %95 is clean ip, fast and no any block on internet with their ip. Cheap and good. You should try

Tobby Bobby Tobby Bobby
5 Oct 17, 2022

Best Service

I recommend Froxy!
They are fast, dynamic, and most importantly white proxies!
Easily pass captchas and change geo, as there are no restrictions on geo!
They have "sticky session" option which allows them to work for a long time on 1 ip.

Best support, I'm in shock, I haven't seen such a quality service for a long time.Good luck to the team!)

Camron Bensen Camron Bensen
5 Sep 12, 2022

Worth trying

Recently switched to Froxy and I’m totally satisfied with it. As a SEO expert, I frequently face the need to use proxy and this is where Froxy is really helpful. No troubles connecting/switching between geo locations. The support is also ok - I needed their help once and they handled the issue quite well. If you work with multiple locations and require a quality proxy, Froxy is the solution to try.

Jim Hopper Jim Hopper
5 Aug 10, 2022

Froxy.com is the BEST

Froxy.com is the place for residential proxies. Froxy offers a wide diversity of payment methods and packages to purchase. With such low prices, theres no way you can miss it. With a pool of thousands of cities, i had no problem connecting to what i needed. The Froxy support team is exceptional. I 100% recommend Froxy to anyone who comes upon it.

Lera Kolesnikova Lera Kolesnikova
5 Jun 16, 2022

Very high quality proxies

Service at the highest level! A huge selection of countries you want)Mostly I work with addresses of low-strung countries, proxies are really quality. I’ve been taking proxies here for about a year, there’s never been a problem with the connection, the work is stable.
Thanks to them, I got a job, finally. By the way, there is a car payment, uninterrupted work provided.

Use Cases

Google SERP Scraping Use Cases

Discover the world of big data

Competitive Analysis

Find out what keywords and strategies your competitors are using and how successful their advertising campaigns are.

SEO Analysis

Perform complete SEO metrics analysis, including competitor positions, micro-markup parsing, and page types in search engine.

Ads Tracking

Our Google SERP Scraper allows you to monitor all the ad campaigns placed on Google: ad text, links and other valuable data.

Keyword Analysis

Collect keywords from search results, search engine clues, get statistics and other important data for SEO strategies.

Position Tracking

Track changes in search query rankings and learn which keywords are most relevant to your niche, and improve your position.

Generate Leads

Google SERP helps you gather information about potential customers in Google's output so that you can create a new sales flow.

Boost Your Performance

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Google SERP Scraper tool allows you to collect data from Google search results. It is useful for various applications such as market research, competitive analysis, SEO optimization and more.

Google search results Scraper automates the Google parsing process for you, including collecting information about search ranking keywords, competitors, product and service reviews, and other important data to help you make informed decisions.

Google SERP Scraper allows you to analyze various Google search elements, including keywords, ads, images, indexed and cached pages, maps, and more.

All in all, you get a lot of useful data from a variety of sources, so you can be fully prepared to create strategies and respond to new trends.

Yes, we have access to the Google Scraping API. Our parser is implemented as a no-code tool, which means it can be used without programming or writing any code. Access to the API is granted after a request to Froxy technical support.

Our Google search scraper tool supports a wide range of locations. You can select any geographic area, from global to specific cities. This way you get the most relevant information tied to the exact location.

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